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If you’re in MCA already or considering joining, then you need to use THIS lead capture page system point blank! There are other alternatives which you’ll find on this site, but I assure you that you will make the most money using Get Weekly Paychecks. My good friend and mentor Che Feemster and co-founder Bill Foley has SHUT DOWN the competition with this system. You be the judge, try it for one month and compare last months results to it and you’ll be convinced.

MCA plus photo
MCA plus photo

MCA Leader Challenges Jobbers!


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2 thoughts on “GetWeeklyPaychecks. com”

  1. Hi Met,

    You have an outstanding website here, congratulations (I can appreciate the time and effort it takes…wow).

    I am a recent MCA associate myself, and I was doing some market research and ran across your site.

    Since I’m so new, my largest challenge right now is learning how to market effectively…it is slow going for sure.

    I have Adam Whiting’s EZMM2x front end marketing system (it’s tied into Empower Network and GVO). I see this picture was created somehow in GVO—didn’t know you could do that.

    If I went with GWP, how do I get my info to transfer (my mca affiliate number etc)? I assume it is not too troublesome…that platform really looks quite powerful.

    Thanks for providing this great resource. 🙂

    1. Hello Eric, a bit hectic as you can imagine with all the things I have going on. But, I’m getting to you today!
      The EZMM2x system is a great system as well. I like it too, so it’s not the system – it’s getting exposure/traffic
      to you links/site…

      If you want to give GWPC a try, you can simply go to and view the videos (simply so you’ll
      know what’s there). Skip the sign-up for MCA part b/c you’re already in, and simply follow the instructions for setting up your GWPC system.
      I like this one as well, and will continue to test these systems from time to time to see which one pulls the best.

      Hope this helps Eric,
      Have a great day..

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