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MCA Milestone – How I Replaced My FT Income!

I just thought it would be very helpful to include a video that I feel does the best job in covering the Motor Club of America benefits in a full presentation style. As you will note about the many benefits of MCA, you’ll also come to realize that just about everyone you know could use them. Once again my goal here is to inform you about this established company.

I think if you set aside the time to view this video in it’s entirety, you will become much more knowledgeable about the direction that Motor Club Of America in headed. This company is seriously competing in the motor club market.

Here’s another good video demonstration from fellow MCA rep Darmar Dior Lumkin on how to make $560/week.

Motor Club Of America Can Prove Invaluable

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Its a 24-7 hour recording for anyone who wants more information!


By Mike Anthony Childs in “Double Up” Friday Club – Pathway to A$1,280 & Beyond


Do you have to pay the company back if your member cancels before 17 months?

You are advanced $80.00 on every $39.90 membership at $4.62 per month or $4.62 x 17 = 78.54 which is rounded up to $80.00 as the client pays every month this $80.00 is earned out over 17 months at the rate of $4.62 per month. So if the client cancels after let’s say 6 months, 6 X $4.62 = $27.72, $80.00 advanced minus $27.72 = $52.28 not earned yet, so that creates a charge back of $52.28 Charge back is different from pay back. If you had to pay back the money the company would come to you with a bill to collect. Instead the term is CHARGE BACK because Pay back is really a misleading statement. The fact of the matter is, this business model is set up just like every Insurance company in America even though MCA is not an Insurance company, they use the same business model. When you purchase a insurance policy i.e. health, life, auto, whatever, the agent that sold that policy receives an advanced commission of as much as 60-100% of your first years payments. How can a company do that? Because they know that most people keep it for years to come, and that’s where they make their profit, however it’s no contract that a client has to keep it, so if they cancel in that 1st year then the agent receives a charge back against future earnings, the same thing is true here. Except this company says if you are being productive with us and selling at least 5 in any week that you receive a charge back, they will give you a charge back bonus/credit that week, so it will not effect your earnings, and if you sold less than 5 the week you received a charge back, the charge back will never exceed 50% of your check for that week, and let’s say just say playing Devils Advocate here, you are no longer in the business because you couldn’t make it after only selling a few memberships then you stop promoting, the company has no way of coming to you to get the money because you are not selling anymore, remember the charge back is against YOUR FUTURE EARNINGS, if there is no earnings it just a calculated loss for the company. This business model is tried, tested and already proven for many, many decades. As I’ve stated over and over again if this happened on a large unacceptable scale nobody would win, but since it only happens a small percentage of the time (10-20%) is the (membership) industry avg when there is no OPTIONAL INCOME Opportunity attached. By attaching a money making component for each of our members to make money too, we should do better than the industry average as a whole. There is no advanced commission on PREPAID DEBIT CARDS, because they already know historically the percentage of charge backs is much much higher with that method of payment because people have to remember to re-load the card every month, and some will some will not. I have been involved in Financial Services , Insurance and membership sales for 12 years now, I live what I speak. I’ve owned one of the most productive agencies in the Southeast, sold over $70 million dollars of business, and guess what? I’ve dealt with enough charge backs to choke a horse, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of charge backs, because it is always a percentage of the block of business and it is the ultimate report card on the Quality of business you and your team are producing. Despite such huge charge backs, I’m still being paid today on business created as long as 10 years ago, most folk come in this and do not understand where the REAL MONEY IS. HINT HINT It’s not in the upfront $80.00-$90.00, it’s in the instant residuals that you receive from building a team and as that money starts to compound from month to month and year to year it gets crazy. The number 1 income earner in this company right now earns over $45,000.00 monthly from residual income, and she did it the hard old fashion way, face to face, pounding the pavement before there was an internet she started in 1993 selling to Truckers. We have the speed of the internet now, it will be much easier and faster

. Do not be shortsighted and miss the big picture, get the upfront money but build a productive team for your long term financial success. My goal is to enlightened the right individuals so this will change their lives forever financially, and to create long term wealth from a simple little $19.95 monthly membership package.



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  1. Can you give me a few tips on mistakes you made getting started. Sure I would like to get started on a positive note.

    1. Sure Don, Not working when I should’ve been working. Playing of Facebook instead
      of connecting with new people to share my business with. Big distraction!
      The number one mistake I made was not joining Empower Network sooner!
      That Don, was a poor business decision on my part. Seriously.

      Hope this helps
      Met Rivers

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