If you’re serious about growing your MCA business using the internet, you will need a way to capture all those leads that you will be generating. The most essential and effective tool in your arsenal in an Autoresponder! An autoresponder allows you to build your list that you will be able to market to at a later time.

Once you build know, like and trust with your list, you will be able to send other promotions to them (maybe unrelated) to MCA altogether and they won’t be upset about it, in fact if done properly, they will be expecting such advertisements from you from time to time. Don’t over do it though. Besides, people rarely buy anything the very first time they see it.

Email Your List Everyday

It’s important to email your list often. This will help with building that all important relationship with them over time. Without cultivating that relationship first, your emails will be looked as as SPAM. This is counter productive to building know, like and trust from the outset.

What Do I Email To My List?

This is an easy question to answer but most of you will complicate this step. What better to email your list than your posts you’re creating everyday. It doesn’t even have to be your content. If you read an article anywhere that you found useful to you, swipe that content and also send it to your list. MAKE CERTAIN YOU LINK BACK TO THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR OF THAT ARTICLE/VIDEO! You don’t want to just blatantly steal somebody elses work as your own. That’s plagiarism – and will get yourself in very HOT WATER! DON’T DO IT!

I do that all the time. I may read an article out of the Wall Street Journal and put my little spin on it but link back to the original article for example: “Read the full article here.” then I would hyperlink to the URL of the article. This is totally legal. Just remember to give props to the owner of the content.

The Cheapest Autoresponer Option

The autoresponder of choice for me over the past 3 years is GVO’s Pure Leverage. It’s the cheapest option on the market that performs just as well as the other industry choices out there.

The be thing about is it’s under $10.oo per month and includes hosting.



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