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Option 1 (No. 1 Paid Option)



If you’re getting involved with MCA to make money, then I want you to hear me right now. This Lead Capture System is a must have and a absolute no-brainer. IS without question the best Lead System to use Strictly for your MCA business. It’s very High Converting. This Is What You Want! Now this system does cost $20.00 per month. DON’T TUNE THIS OUT! Yes it is $20.00/mo. and it Pays you $5.00 in residual income each and every month direct to your Paypal account! Just share MCA membership with one person per month and you’re $65.00 ahead. ($80 minus the $20 = $60 + the $5 residual = $65). Do this on the 1st of the month and the rest of the month is gravy! Do Not, Repeat Do Not Use A Prepaid Card When Signing Up For Motor Club Of America! It Doesn’t Credit Properly and You May Have Trouble Logging Into Your Back Office.

GWP Team Call – November 3,2012
Listen Here ==> Ranking – 1 Month Anniversary! (click image to enlarge)


Get Weekly Paychecks 1 Month Anniversary photo
Get Weekly Paychecks 1 Month Anniversary photo

UPDATE!! OK, the EZMMx2 free marketing system is no longer available. Please continue to scroll down this page to see the other options I recommend. My suggestion is to be prepared to invest some money back into your business, especially in the beginning stages. THIS IS A BUSINESS SO TREAT IT AS ONE.

Option 2 (No. 1 Free Option)


First of all let me state that you DO NOT have to pay for a lead capture page in order to promote MCA unless you choose to.

Below, I’m sharing with you (2) of the best converting Lead Capture Pages that I have personally tested and would recommend you use. Though I really like the [Black] website below, I’m encouraging everyone who comes on board with me to use the first one listed here ==> [EZMMX2]  <== Capture system. I’ve been connected with the BAMM guys since the Daily Income Network. I’ve always made money with them and continue to do so. Of course this is your business and you can use whatever system you want, but I’m telling you that these two absolutely convert! It would be smart of you to also have your entire team on the same page as it relates to MCA.

MCA EZMMx2 Lead Capture System photo
MCA EZMMx2 Lead Capture System

Congruency is what you’re after here. I personally use both, but I now use the black option sparingly and in certain situations. FYI, Bill Schum uses the above system as well. He is obviously partial to his own system, and he should be because he makes a lot of money from it. Really, you can’t go wrong with which ever you decide on. I submit to you to take my suggestions into consideration when deciding on what direction you go.


If you’re new to Motor Club of America and you need a website to use when promoting MCA, then look no further. William Schum has done a fantastic job in putting together this FREE MARKETING SYSTEM for anyone of us to use. It’s totally your choice. I’m currently testing a couple of my own capture pages to see how well they convert. I will be using this new platform to see if it out performs my current system. As most of you know, I’m using GVO’s system and built my lead capture system inside there. It’s easy to use. One thing you should recognize in this profession is that EVERYTHING is testing, tweaking and retesting again. So, below is a snapshot of the MCAworkforce lead capture system along with an accompanying video with an explanation about the benefits of using it. The “Pass-up” system may be new to some of you but you will quickly grow to love it. Thanks Bill!

By The Way, Bill averages a couple thousand dollars per week with his system!

OPTION 3 (2nd Free Option is MCA EXTREME!)

What Bill has done with MCA EXTREME here is improve upon his previous 4 systems (which you’ll find below) they all still work if you want to try those out. This one by far looks the best and it should convert. However, there is not enough data in to confirm this is a hit or a flop. Based on Bill’s track record, I still continue to get 1-3 leads weekly from his first system and I don’t actively promote it anymore. I will probably test this out at some point in the future. The reason I list these marketing systems is to give you more choices because everyone is different. We all like to see different options. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t more options open to you, this just means that I’ve personally used all these on this page and have gotten results. Just to reiterate, EZMMx2 system above is the one I’m using in most all my ads and the training is outstanding.


MCA Lead Capture System photo
Free Pimped Out Lead Capture System You Can Start Using Today!

William Schum Explains The Benefits Of Using His “Pass-up” System

Below is a snapshot of the leads I continue to generate using this system. Leads PROOF photo Leads PROOF photo

I would recommend you give this a try until you find something that does a better job., Especially if you don’t have a marketing system to use of your own.

To start using this “Bad Ass” system today, CLICK HERE. Terms Of Use Policy is 100% FREE to use for you and all your team members. We DO NOT guarantee sales or conversions with our system. Our free system is meant to help leverage your time by providing information for future MCA members.  is not a part of MCA or TVC matrix and only uses their trademarks to provide information for future members. will not tolerate spam of any sorts. If you are caught spamming Or we find our links being abused by you, your account will be deleted and NEVER
Reinstated. In other words DO NOT SPAM. If you are new to Internet marketing and Unsure about spam. Please do your due diligence before using our free system.  and all of our content and logos are not to be used without our Consent. If you need to use our logo for marketing purposes please contact us at  is a free system but works on a leverage platform. Meaning if you Use the free system you agree to pass up your 5 visitor to your sponsor. These are NOT sales just traffic.So if you sign up for a free website under Mike, every 5th person Who goes to your site will see Mikes page not yours. On the flip side to this every
Person you get to use our free system will pass up their 5th visitor to you.By using you agree to these terms of service. If you do not agree to these terms please discontinue using our site immediately.You must also tell all your team members about our terms of service so there is no Confusion on how our system works. Make sure you understand 100% how it works before you start use.Thank you for your interest in , we look forward to having you on Our team and helping your succeed with MCA.

WAIT! Bill wasn’t done. 4th Option


He created another FREE System for everyone’s benefit and I think it looks better. Two days after I started using this one, I had a sale! Bill is getting pretty good putting together nice funnels. Here’s the link to his latest creation ==>


















Click here To Start Using Marketing System.

Checks On Friday Marketing System photo
Checks On Friday Marketing System













Again, I’m just giving you more options and ideas on what you can do to get better at your craft. This is also a little insight on what training I’ve gone through to get to this stage in my career online. I can’t tell you how much I’ve spent on my training. I know its easily in the thousands. You have to be willing to invest in your education just as we all have.


20 thoughts on “Free Marketing System”

  1. Yes that’s correct, every 5th visitor will be passed up to your sponsor if you decide to use Bill’s Lead Capture System. Don’t look at this as a negative, Look at it as the cost of doing business. Look at the leads I get from using it above to my email address. I don’t even think about the 5th visitor!

  2. I would like to confirm that ezmoneymethod2X Rocks! The bamm crew are top notch guys and very trust worthy witch is hard to find in this industry.

  3. I am also a MCA Independent Marketer and I believe that our opportunity is a wealth building opportunity, that can put people on the path to financial freedom. I am not apart of your team, but I endorse you because your website is very informative and you seem like a genuine person.

    1. Well Thank you John, I appreciate your kind words my friend. Much success to you sir!
      Let’s connect on FB.


    1. Hey Brian, not that I’m aware of. At least not yet.
      Someone will probably get around to creating one.
      Take care,

      1. Hey Brian, here’s an update. I don’t know what I was thinking earlier when I replied.
        GWP/Get Weekly Paychecks DOES in fact offer a lead capture page focusing just on the
        MCA benefits. is a way to get to this particular system.

        I’m unable to provide a photo here, but if you visit the “Pictures” page on this site,
        you will see a photo of what it looks like. (It’s red in color and competently arranged).

        Again, sorry I didn’t remember this earlier.
        Hope this helps.


  4. hi met not on your team but i have questions do i have to go platinum before i can get access to the free capture pages and if i signed up under someone else can i switch over?

    1. Hello, no going platinum is totally optional. You can always access the capture pages no matter what level membership you own.
      You can switch sponsors, (I don’t see how doing so will change anything). You will have to leave (sit out) MCA for 6 months and
      then once that time has elapsed, you can rejoin MCA under whomever. Hope this helps.
      Met Rivers

  5. Okay, I haven’t purchased this yet because I’m just curious to know, HOW EXACTLY are you making money? Is it by getting people to click on your website link that you made that you post on random websites? Is it by getting people to sign up through YOUR link to YOUR website, and if so, how do you generate the traffic to “YOUR” website? I don’t have a Facebook or anything, so how could “I” get started with something like this?

    1. Hi, I get paid when someone clicks on one of my links and buys an MCA membership package.
      I drive traffic to my site one, is organically. Because my site ranks high on Google. Two, is by
      placing ads online and sometimes offline methods as well.
      Primarily, I promote MCA through content marketing
      Hope this helps

  6. Have a problem need to cancel the MCA program. I know there must be a way but I haven’t been able to connect with anyone who knows how to do it. I presently have AAA and AARP . I do not need MCA taking money from my account. Thank You for listening.

  7. I gotta hand it to you!! You got an amazing site here! I know this maybe a personal question but are you still promoting MCA, or are you just relying on the passive income because your site is virtually number one. the reason I ask is because your site being number one, I wouldn’t think you would have to do anything else except maintain it?


  8. Amazing capture pages can i get one because i am new to MCA and i want to start generating some ($$$$$$)money sir can you please help me i don’t have a domain yet because i ran out of cash but i am getting one from soon. i am a newbie but if i generate some cash i can invest back into the business i total agree with your terms and conditions about the 5th person. i look forward in hearing from you soon thanks and God bless.

    1. Hey Lorenzo, you have the right attitude about generating some cash. Getting your own domain is a must in the case of promoting MCA. If you really need to make some quick cash and I mean by tomorrow – go here: It’s an easy way to to bring in some instant cash and it doesn’t cost anything to start. Hope this helps.

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