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OK, welcome new team members. I felt it necessary to put together this “Getting Started” page based on feedback that I was getting from your calls. Let me first state that there is plenty of training available to you not just from this site. All you need to do is search for it. Keep an eye out for upcoming emails from me that will list a lot of these places for you. Let me briefly cover one thing with you here. I want you to understand that I am a MCA rep. just like you. I will point you to the information you need to be successful, but I won’t do the work for you. Most times the information you’re looking for is a Google search away. If it’s company related, please call the home office directly for the answer before calling me. I’m only one person, and this is exactly what I do myself before I call on anyone personally for help. This in your business and now you half to treat it as such. Take the initiative first. If there is enough demand on a particular thing, certainly I’ll do a webinar on it in a heartbeat. In 2013, I have to be more guarded of my time and how it’s spent so that I can make money too.
The definition of sponsor:

spon·sor  (spnsr)n.

1. One who assumes responsibility for another person or a group during a period of instruction, apprenticeship, or probation.

First Things First – Buy a Domain!

Now that you’ve become a Motor Club Of America representative, you now have your TVC affiliate link ( which leads your prospects to your TVC back office to sign up for their MCA membership package. It’s the blue & white site with the surfer in the upper right corner of the site. You can drive traffic to this site but the odds of you converting those who land on this page into a sale dramatically diminishes. If you want to improve the chances of making a sale with MCA, you really need to purchase a domain name that redirects your leads to a presentation first. Allow the presentation to do the work for you so you don’t have to. Your time will be better spent marketing whether online or offline. Think of a clever domain name and go to by clicking here or using the banner below to buy it. Godaddy’s customer service reps can help you with redirecting your tvc link to your newly purchase domain and you’re off and running!

NOTE: A couple of suggestions on the domain that you decide on. Always go for the .COM first, then the .NET and .ORG. Try to stay away from .TK’s (these are free domains) unless you absolutely cannot come up with the $10/year for one that you own. .CO & .WS’s are cool but more expensive annually. Your domain should not have underscores (_) or dashes (-) or any other funky characters in it. I would not include the name “MCA” or ‘TVC” in my domain either. Keep it generic for ex: or,, I know these two are most likely taken, but I’m just providing some examples. Sometimes you can get them cheaper at - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting


Second Thing – Choose a Lead Capture/Marketing System

Just so you know, I’m am using the EZ MONEY METHOD system primarily to promote MCA. (EZ MONEY METHOD is no longer available). GVO and Empower Network are built into the back end of this system as multiple streams of income. If you choose to run with this one, please note that GVO will run you another $10/mo. and Empower Network will be a minimum of $25/mo. If you’re serious about making money online – this is the option for you hands down in my opinion.

Now that you have your domain name – which makes you look more professional and looks better because it’s shorter. It’s now time to select which marketing system you will use to promote MCA. Go to the “Free Marketing System” page on this website and choose one from there. The ones listed on this page are the ones I personally have used and had success with and recommend, Click the corresponding link and PLEASE FOLLOW THE VIDEOS EXACTLY TO GET EVERYTHING SETUP PROPERLY! You can pause the videos as you move along. This is where I get most of you calling me. Don’t try to skip ahead. Just follow the videos one by one until you’re done. Another reason for you to do this is so you will know what your leads will be going through when they follow the same process. All you’ll be doing in essence is taking your link and inserting it into the marketing system that you’re choosing to use. Then what’s going to happen is, the marketing system will be spitting out your own unique affiliate link. This link is the link you will be using from here on out until you change it.

NOTE: This is your MCA business. Above are only suggestions. You can search around for other marketing systems, paid ones and free ones and select one of those if you want. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Just know that, none of them will work unless you drive traffic to them everyday for exp0sure and someone clicks on your link! It’s a numbers game. The one who generates the most traffic wins! That’s the only difference between the guru’s and us. Get great at sending a lot of  people to your link and you will make sales period.

Third Thing – Dive Into The Training

Now that we’ve bought our own domain and selected a marketing system to use to promote MCA, it’s now time to “market.”

market – the world of commercial activity where goods and services are bought and sold; “without competition there would be no market”

It’s time to get people to click on your link so that they can then view the presentation and make a decision on whether to join MCA or not. Keep in mind, you may have to go through a lot of numbers to get one sign up. That number is different for everyone. There are a lot of variables that come into play here., too many to list. Whatever you do, promote(market) daily, and do it in a Non-Spammy kind of way. Don’t go blasting it in the same place all day. Use a few different strategies but don’t over use one strategy. Craigslist for example – no more than 3 ads per day per verified account.

Now I provide you with some training on this site “Training Portal” page. The marketing system you choose has even more training in their respective back offices. Get in there and figure it out! This is where the separation happens. If you’re not willing to stick it out for at least 90 days from today, STOP, DON’T PASS GO! GO GET A FULL REFUND RIGHT THIS VERY INSTANT! It’s not going to do either one of us any good, if you’re not willing to at least plan on being here 90 days from now! I implore you – get a refund now!

If you have made the decision to stick around for the tough times (and they will come), for some they may not, but in either case, it’s time to get to work! After going through the training videos I have here for you. You’ll have enough information under your belt to go make money with MCA. If you feel you need more training, I SERIOUSLY RECOMMEND that you create a free account with (EZMMx2) you’ll find the link above and also on the Free Marketing System page. The reason being is, you’ll then have access to the top notch training they offer. GVO & Empower Network are optional streams of income. So, you can still create a free account and not have to join anything else. PLEASE RE-READ THAT LAST SENTENCE. Just because GVO and EN are offered, doesn’t mean you have to join them. Why am I repeating myself here? To cut down on the impending confusion and cut out the calls I get on this issue. Yes I’m in both.

Met Rivers and Che Feemster Chicago 2013
Met Rivers and Che Feemster Chicago 2013

Here is a great starter webinar that my friend and Co-founder of the GWP system did to help those who are new to internet/online marketing. This does not mean, skip all the text information above because that’s there to help you also. Make a decision that you’re going to do this no matter what your initial results are. If you’re the type of person that will quit because you’re not making $1,000 a week after your first 30 days, let me help with that. GO FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO!


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  1. Hello Mr. Rivers,
    I have been with mca for 3weeks now and stumped on a lot of things and having a really hard time getting started. First, is finding or doing a capture page, posting on Craigslist the right way with getting red flagged. My sponsor hasn’t help me in any training. Is there anyway you could recommend some pointers to getting started?? If you could get back to me I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you,

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