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I received a call from my business partner not too long ago but I had to rush her off the phone; I had just broken my finger and was on my way to the emergency room. I told her I would call right back, as we had been missing each others phone calls for weeks. Anyway, I finally called her back 4 days later only to discover I had missed out on receiving $500 from MCA! Had I taken her call a few weeks ago I would have been a member and my accident would have been covered. Now I’m telling EVERYONE about MCA! I would not take the chance of them not being covered. After all accidents DO happen. – Leon B., NC

I began this business on Feb, 1 2012. My membership only cost me $39.90 up front and I didnt pay anything extra to become an associate. Since then, I have been sharing these great benefits and wonderful opportunity with everyone I know. I’ve been GETTING PAID EVERY WEEK without fail. Thanks MCA, you have changed my life. – Rae H., NC

I made a visit to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned; the average cost was $75. I paid $11 with my Dental Discount! Also, I went to Lens Crafters and paid $400 full price (I forgot I had the Vision Discount with MCA). I went back TWO days later and presented my discount card and was totally shocked when I WAS REFUNDED $232 as a part of my discount! – Darryl S., PA

Kevin M., PA – I knew I had to get my tires changed so I purchased some new ones, had them in my car and was on my way to have them changed. Then one of my tires had a blowout and I had no spare. I called MCA and asked specifically for a local towing company. He showed up in 11 minutes with a flat bed and towed the car! Great service and it was all covered by MCA! – Kevin M., PA

I slid the stairs and fell on my hips. I went to the emergency room and waited 4 hours to be seen by a doctor. They took x-rays and the doc gave me Motrin and a cane. I received A $500 CHECK FROM MCA! Thanks MCA! – Deborah M., PA

I ran out of gas and called MCA who arrived in 17 minutes! WOW! – Tracy C., PA

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