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Motor Club of America was purchased by and is now recognized as the newest division of TVC Marketing which opened it’s doors in 1987. MCA however, has been in existence since 1926 which is proudly touted. TVC stands for The Vital Connection and owned by a Mr. Virgil Coffee whom I had a very challenging time finding information on. What I have learned so far about this gentleman is that he apparently was the mastermind (as it’s stated) behind the original marketing and compensation plan of the original Pre-paid Legal Company. Which is a very successful network marketing company. I feel I am pretty good on computers in finding almost anything I search for, but while attempting to research the background of Mr. V. Coffee, I to this point have not had much success in locating what I feel is important to find out. This doesn’t mean anything right now because I’ve only just started to look. I will update such information on this site once such information becomes available to me. So, my suggestion is to check back from time to time as this site will always be current.

The benefits and services of MCA are only available in the United States and Canada for now. The many benefits of the company has been available to truck drivers and small businesses, then approximately 4 years ago the decision was made to make these same benefits available to the general public starting in October of 2011. In regards to the aforementioned benefits above, they are similar to what you would receive with a T.e membership package. The Motor Club of America version is said to overshadow the benefits of T.e. Again, check back often. My next post will be an in depth look into these many benefits in list form.

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